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Sailor Lolita

Lolita with a nautical twist

Ship ahoy! Lolitas who are attracted to the ocean may find themselves interested in the themed style known as Sailor Lolita, where blue jean collars, nautical stripes and anchor embroideries prevail. It's one of the most popular themes, and brands such as Metamorphose and Victorian Maiden often put out yearly special sailor-themed collections.


  • The theme incorporates the style of a sailor suit, and can have a cute or elegant feel.
  • Color schemes are often combinations of black, navy and white.
  • Prints are rather uncommon, while embroideries of i.e. anchors are more frequent.
  • Clothing is almost always adorned with nautical stripes, a tie, many buttons, a chest pocket and a small amounts of lace.
  • Headwear include sailor hats, boater hats, sailor-themed berets and sometimes headbows.
  • Sailor Lolita often has an A-line silhouette, with skirt lengths ranging from knee-length to shorter versions.
  • This style often features pleated skirts and dresses.
  • Black & white striped socks are very commonly worn with the style.
  • Shoes can seemingly be any type of shoe. Boots or mary janes with wooden soles are most common however.
  • Accessories can include anchor/sea-related jewelry, parasols, lifebuoys or perhaps a real anchor if you're crazy enough.

Makeup & Hair

  • Any Lolita-esque hairstyle.
  • Makeup is generally kept natural-looking, to suit a day by the sea.
  • Light or dark-colored eyeshadow.
  • Mascara.
  • Dark eyeliner.
  • Red or pink blush.
  • Lipstick/lipgloss is often used in a soft red or pink color.
  • If desired, fake eyelashes can be put on to achieve a doll look.
  • It is also common to use special contacts called circle lenses to achieve said above look.

Note: Of course, these are just simple occurrences that are commonly seen within this style. They are no absolute rules of any kind. Be creative and experiment!


Metamorphose and Victorian Maiden often release yearly sailor-themed collections, so they're worth a visit. However, also Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Maxicimam release items with this theme.

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