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Punk Lolita

Rebellious within the own fashion

Punk Lolita (also: Lolita Punk) is as the name suggests, heavily influenced by Western punk fashion, but is generally a cuter adaption. Punk Lolita was highly popular during the early 2000's, along with the traditional Gothic Lolita silhouette. However, it's had a noticeable decline in popularity in recent years with the rise of Ama Lolita.

This style is often more casual-looking than other Lolita styles. A typical outfit will have a mini tophat, a simple cutsew with a deconstructed Lolitaesque print, a pleated tartan skirt and chunky platform boots. Sometimes Punk Lolitas will be seen with nekomimi (cat ears), although it's considered cosplay by the majority of Lolitas.


  • Style is edgy and cute.
  • The main influence is standard punk fashion, with a hint of psychobilly.
  • The most common color scheme is black x red. Black x white, pink, purple and yellow are also frequent.
  • Patterns include tartan, polkadots, checkerboard, diamond, stripes, spider web and leopard.
  • Common print motifs are crowns, crosses, roses, skulls and trump.
  • Clothing features a mix of punk and lolita elements. Small amounts of lace and ribbons. Frills are found in larger quantities.
  • Fabrics are usually deconstructed with several layers. Leather/pleather is used at times.
  • Headwear is most often mini tophats, headbows or nekomimi (cat ears; associated with cosplay).
  • Blazers and biker jackets are associated with Punk Lolita.
  • Skirt length is usually knee-length or a tad shorter.
  • Punk Lolita has generally less skirt poof than other styles.
  • Pleated skirts.
  • Striped knee/overknee socks, fishnet tights, tartan tights/socks, torn tights. Often mismatched.
  • Punk Lolita is the only style to feature poofy leg and arm warmers.
  • Accessories are standard punk-related items, such as chains, rivets, studded belts, round badges, safety pins, ties, studded bracelets and studded chokers with lace. Spiked items are a bit more uncommon in Punk Lolita.
  • Shoes include platform Mary Janes, platform combat boots, platform oxford shoes and creepers.
  • Bags can be plain to match a more edgy style, or in shape of animals for a more cute look.

Makeup & Hair

  • Hair is usually kept fairly simple, straight or curly. Sometimes Hime Gyaru-inspired hairstyles.
  • Mascara.
  • Eyeliner.
  • Dark eyeshadow.
  • Red or pink blush.
  • Nude, pink or red lipstick.
  • If desired, fake eyelashes can be put on to achieve a doll look.
  • It is also common to use special contacts called circle lenses to achieve said above look.

Note: Of course, these are just simple occurrences that are commonly seen within this style. They are no absolute rules of any kind. Be creative and experiment!


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