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When skirts get in the way

Ouji/Oujisama (Prince), Ouji-loli (Prince Lolita), or Shounen-kei (boystyle) [ see note ] are all common terms that refer to the boyish cute, punky, gothic or piratey male style that is often featured along with Lolita fashion. Despite being a male style, the majority dressing in it are women.

While Ouji may seemingly come in several separate styles, they are still referred to as one. ouji can be cute and childish, with a mini tophat, a vest worn over a ruffled shirt, knickerbockers, overknee socks and platform shoes with wooden soles, but it can also be more mature and gothic; tophat, a coat or swallowtail jacket worn over a ruffled blouse, long pants, gothic boots/shoes. It may also feature punk elements, such as ties, chains, studded belts, striped socks and a skort (skirt with pants). Alice & the Pirates often release pirate-influenced ouji clothing, where tall-collared long coats decorated with buttons, and mini pirate hats are frequent.

To some extent, gothic Ouji may resemble a late 18th- and early 19th century western fashion known as dandy. However, the term dandy is irrelevant to Lolita fashion. It is also not to be confused with Japanese gothic male fashion.

Note: After extensive research on Japanese websites, communities and magazines, I came to the conclusion that these were the most frequently used terms for the male style. I did not find anything that would indicate that there are any form of sub-styles with specific guidelines. If proof for such would appear during a later stage, I will edit this page.


  • Style ranges from boyish cute, to a more mature, often gothic look.
  • The style is unisex.
  • Lolita, gothic, punk and pirate elements are commonly integrated.
  • Common colors are black, and black and white.
  • Headwear includes mini tophats, tophats, bowler hats and mini tricorns.
  • Lolitaesque and pirate-themed prints. Striped, tartan, chessboard and deconstructed fabric patterns.
  • Knickerbockers/shorts are generally worn for a boyish look. For a more mature gothic look, long pants are common. Skorts are common with punk.
  • Gothic and pirate looks may feature long button-decorated coats, and swallowtail jackets.
  • Vests are often worn over shirts and blouses.
  • Ruffled/plain shirts and blouses, often decorated with a cravat, jabot or large ribbon.
  • Knee/overknee socks are commonly worn together with knickerbockers to complete the boyish look.
  • Accessories include capes, cravats, ties, suspenders, chains, studded belts, safety pins, normal belts, canes, guns and treasure chests.
  • Shoes range from platform shoes with wooden soles, to tall gothic platform boots. Heels are common for both men and women.

Makeup & Hair

  • Hairstyles are often short, and boyish.
  • Both men and women use makeup.
  • Generally dark eyeshadow.
  • Mascara.
  • Dark eyeliner.
  • Blush is used sparingly.
  • Lipstick/lipgloss is often used in a nude color.

Note: Of course, these are just simple occurrences that are commonly seen within this style. They are no absolute rules of any kind. Be creative and experiment!


Alice & the Pirates is an often recommended brand, as they carry both cute boyish, gothic and pirate-themed clothing. Other Lolita brands, such as Metamorphose and Innocent World are also recommended a visit. Atelier Boz, Black Peace Now and Moi-Même-Moitié carries gothic clothing that could easily be integrated in an ouji outfit. H.Naoto and Putumayo carries punk/gothic-style clothing.

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