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Deco Lolita

The introduction of Over-the-Top

Deco Lolita (short for Decora) is a style based on Decora fashion, which gained the highest popularity among Lolitas around 2007. Decora is a boldly colored fashion that has been around since the late 90's. Its trademarks are its mixture of bright colors, and excessive usage of accessories; it made a stark contrast to the rather dark Gothic Lolita at the time. The favored brand for creating the Deco Lolita style back then was (and still is) Angelic Pretty, which clearly had begun moving towards a more over-the-top feeling with their clothing.

Eventually the popularity of the style faded to make room for new trends, and can be considered to have morphed into Ama Lolita, creating the look of today's Kote Lolita. Separating Deco and Kote Lolita today is a harder task, but the first generally has a more layered look.


  • The style consists of bold and vivid colors, along with an excessive usage of accessories. It's very open to experimentation, and uses Ama Lolita as the base for clothing.
  • It's similar to Kote Lolita, but Deco Lolita emphasizes the layering of items.
  • Plain, patterned and print pieces are used.
  • Colors mainly include vivid red and pink, but also baby pink, orange, yellow, blue, and accents of white and black.
  • Headwear includes headbows, mini hats, animal ears, berets, hair bows and hairpins.
  • Stickers and rhinestones are sometimes attached on the face and hair.
  • Skirt length is usually kneelength.
  • Socks are often patterned, and can be layered. Sometimes ribbons, wrist cuffs, pins and other accessories are attached as well. Tights are quite rare.
  • Shoes can be any kind of Mary Janes for a Lolita look, or for a more Decora-based look, sneakers or cute boots.
  • Accessory items are often from Disney, Care Bears or My Little Pony. Common shapes are ribbons, cupcakes, stars, ice cream cones, hearts, cats, teddy bears, cookies, strawberries, cherries, lollipops and other candy.
  • Accessories are the main part of Deco Lolita. Earrings, necklaces, face masks, rings, bracelets, wrist cuffs, lace gloves, cellphone charms, keychains, pearl waist chains and even toys such as scepters are layered in large amounts, and are often worn all at once.
  • Bags are usually decorated with pearls, ribbons and other items. Usually comes in generic to plushie shapes.

Makeup & Hair

  • Hairstyles and wigs resemble the same that are popular for Kote Lolitas, including two-toned hair.
  • Mascara.
  • Eyeliner if desired.
  • Colorful eyeshadow.
  • Pink blush.
  • Transparent or light pink lipgloss.
  • If desired, fake eyelashes can be put on to achieve a doll look.
  • It is also common to use special contacts called circle lenses to achieve said above look.

Note: Of course, these are just simple occurrences that are commonly seen within this style. They are no absolute rules of any kind. Be creative and experiment!


Deco Lolita is a rather over-the-top style, thus Angelic Pretty is a good choice for dresses and accessories. Of course, any other brands that carry Ama Lolita clothing, such as Baby the Stars Shine Bright, or Metamorphose temps de fille are worth visiting.

Accessories are a major part of the Decora movement, and stores such as 6% DOKI DOKI, Chocomint, Cupcake Princess, Ku-ki Shop, Mintymix and Kawaiigoods are good places to start. Mintymix now also carries two-toned wigs that have been well receieved review-wise.

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