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How/Where to Buy Lolita?

The ultimate shopping guide to Lolita fashion

So you have just discovered the amazing world of Lolita, but have no idea to get your hands on the clothes? If you don't live in Japan, don't despair. There are still ways to get your hands on the clothes. This page provides a large list of stores, and some other useful information you need to know.

Toll, Taxes and Other Shopping Costs

When buying things all the way from Japan, many countries get hit by customs and tax fees. It's very important to remember this, since the cost of your order can get much larger than anticipated. Try to find out how much importing wares into your country cost, before you order any items.

It should be noted that this is mainly an issue to EU citizens who purchase goods outside of the EU. Customs and tax feeds also apply to private second-hand sales.


Lolita clothing comes more than often only in one size. Instead of listing the sizes we're most used to, they only list measurements in cm's of the clothing. In other words, you will have to measure your own body to make sure the clothes fit.

Since Lolita clothing normally comes in a Japanese size medium, girls who are smaller, larger or taller may have problems finding Lolita clothing that fits properly. Many pieces in Classic and Gothic are also very slim around the chest, while the majority of Ama Lolita clothing is larger. Girls with a larger bust may want to look for clothes with shirring. A store known for carrying larger clothing is Bodyline. It's also possible to have clothing custom made at most Taobao Lolita stores or by a seamstress.

About the Store Listings

Store item quality is split into superior, high, average and low.
Superior: Flawless quality, great design/construction.
High: Great quality, good design/construction.
Average: Good quality, may use low-quality fabric and lace, decent design/construction.
Low: Bad quality. Many items use low-quality fabric and lace, have bad construction and may come with flaws such as sewing or sizing mistakes.

Lolita Fashion & Other Fashion Stores

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